Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Notebooks, Books and Cupcakes

This will be just a little update aboute the things I've been up to lately! My lessons will start in a week, so I'm spending the free time I have now making notebooks and doing fun stuff with my boyfriend.
I made a pile of new notbooks a few days ago. I bought some more colours of linnen to experiment with and a lot of pretty patterned paper! I'll show off the final results tomorrow :)

Also, my books for school arrived... These packages looked pretty ominous to me...

Look at those two enormous English literature books! And they made the paper so thin they managed to cram three thousand pages in one book...

The one on the top has already found it's place to my nightstand though :)

Yesterday was the last time my boyfriend and I were able to spend a whole day together for a while, so we decided to have an elf themed day. We wore green clothes, though about going outside (we would have if it wasn't only 13 degrees...), watched Lord of the Rings and made pretty cupcakes :) We both had no experience with marzipan whatsoever, so I'm pretty satisfied with how they turned out! Even though we got bored with it and just put some leftover leaves on two of them :P

The weather hasn't really gotten any better lately... It almost feels like winter! Most of the time it just looks like this:

I catch myself dreaming about long, wool gloves and hot tea with applepie every time I go out... I hope the weather is better where you live!

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