Friday, July 29, 2011

They're here... The pictures: Part 1

More than a week after I came home, but still!
So, Rome! It's such a beautiful city... I've been there once before, with school. We were told at least once a week for four years that Rome is the most wonderful city in the world, and I almost agree... You'll see what I mean in Part 2 ;)
So here are the pictures! I took 319 not-too-blurry pictures in Rome, so this is the top selection of the selection of the best pictures from the pictures that were not blurry :)

Our first evening in Rome, on the Piazza del Popolo, which was only a five minute walk from our hotel. Through the Via del Corso, the shopping street of Rome!

This birdbath is a little big...

The next morning, we went to the Villa Borghese. (Unfortunately no cameras allowed there...) We rented this bikelike thingey to cycle around the park around the museum. My boyfriend thought it was awesome, I though I was going to slip out of my seat.

This is a waterclock. It didn't give the right time, but it was still pretty cool :)

And then on to the Pantheon!

There was excavation site, and there were cats! I was just walking around and suddenly I saw all these cats! So of course I went picture crazy...

They were obviously strays, but they didn't look too malnourished and there was a bowl with water nearby... I really hope someone there feeds them...

This cat was really creepy though...

The Trevi fountain :)

And apparently this is how I look when I throw a coin...

Solving lifes mysteries on the Ponte Sant'Angelo: Yes, angels do need paintrollers. (What for is a different question entirely)

The Basilica di San Pietro. We went here on the warmest day and man was it hot on that square!

We hoped it was a bit cooler in the Vatican Musea, but no... I must have drank at least three liters of water that day!

The famour Laoco├Ân group...

This one's cuter though :)

The light inside the Saint Peter's Basilica was so beautiful...

And then we went to see Harry Potter! It was in a quite far, kind of creepy district, the lights were on during the first five minutes of the movie, after an hour or so the movie suddenly stopped and everyone -thinking we had a break- rushed to the bathroom or popcorn, only to find out the movie had started again after thirty seconds. When the movie had finished we came to the conclusion that none of the busses got anywhere near our hotel, so we had to walk for an hour... on flip-flops...
I'm so glad we went though! I would have felt like the worst Potterfan if I hadn't seen it on the first day. And now I can't wait to see it again!

The next day on the Spanish steps :)

And to the Colloseum!

I didn't remember the Forum Romanum to be so boring, but is was... I couldn't believe that people still put flowers on the place of the pyre of Julius Caesar though! No matter how cool Roman history may be, the man was still a mass murderer...

 Saying goodbye to the Trevi fountain, while eating my last delicious peach and raspberry icecream...
If you ever go to Rome you definitely have to go to San Crispino for some peach and honey gelato!
And at Giolitti, when you ask for a scoop of nutella icecream, you just get an enormous scoop of cold nutella. I felt pretty nauseous but so happy after eating that!

And luckily my cointhrowing face has improved :)

That's all for now! I'd post the rest of the pictures soon. Or soonish. Or maybe in a week :)

If you have a holiday post, leave a link! I love watching holiday pictures!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I'm such a procrastinator... I still haven't gotten round to wiggling my memorycard out of the other laptop... But I do have something important to tell you! My absolute favorite comicdrawer (is that a word?), Madeleine Flores from Little Love Monster, has an awesome kickstarter project. She wants to circumnavigate the world and write a comic about it!

Here are some comics by her to show you how cool she is! (Just click to see them larger!)

I think she is a great person with an amazing creative mind and she really deserves to go and do this! All her experiences will be bound together in a book, which you'll get a signed copy off if you pledge $50 or more!
If I could I would donate all the money she needs, but as I'm a pretty poor student she'll need your help too...
You can read more about her project and the cool rewards you get here! Please support this amazing person :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm back!

Well, actually I've been back since wednesday, but I needed that day to get used to being home, and yesterday I worked on some more notebooks. I actually wanted my first post to be filled with all the pictures of the great holiday I had, but my memorycard is stuck in the other laptop... So instead of sorting through all my pictures, I've been working on a new look for the blog. First part: the Header! I like it way better then the last one.
I want to change the background too and make everything look a little more professional :)

Here are some in progress scans of the header:

I hope you like it too! I'll be really back soon with pictures of my holiday! As soon as I get the memorycard out...

Saturday, July 9, 2011


As promised, pictures of the new notebook I made! I actually made two, but when I finished the last one it was too dark to take pictures. This one is for my friend from school :)

I though I'd do some in progress pictures too, so you can all see of what high quality my notebooks are ;)

This some pretty paper I used. It is designed by Sukie.

This is how the inside looks without the cover.

And this is how I make the cover :)

The outlines for on the cover.

 I made a kind of Little Red Riding Hood, but this one likes to climb trees :)

 And an owl of course. Nothing is complete without an owl.

And here's Little Red with her wolf.

 And everything in colour!

I decided stars do make everything prettier.

So that's it! I hope you like it and I really hope my friend likes it :) The glue is still drying now, so I have to wait till tomorrow to see if everything went well...

This might be my last post in a while by the way! I'm leaving for Rome on Monday morning, after which I'm off to Venice and Berlin. I'm so looking forward to the warm weather, and icecream and pizza... And the weekend I'm in Venice, there's a festival going on! There's supposed to be lots of fireworks and gondola races and lots of other exciting things going on! I'll be sure to share all my adventures here :)
If you're going away on a holiday too, I wish you lots of fun! And if you're staying I hereby allow you to have fun as well ;)
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