Sunday, May 29, 2011

Birdy birdy

With all the birds outside chirping about spring and warm weather, I thought I'd do a post about some of my favorite bird themed items on Etsy :)

I could totally imagine myself strolling around with this cute sparrow clutch bag :)

And this Chewy the Owl bag is so cute too!

A couple of these colourful bird pillows would look so good on my couch!

This needle felted Mister Barn Owl is just too cute for words!

I'd really like this happy clay crow to watch over my books on my bookshelf :)

My laptop needs this owl sleeve.. And it's just the right size too!

This is one of the cutest plates I've ever seen! And it's even pre-crumbed :)

And last but not least: these supercute penguin magnets! I really have a thing for penguins, even though they don't chirp and they're more associated with cold weather.. They just walk so cute and wobbly :)

I hope you liked my little selection and hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Only you are on my Rainbow/iPod

I just can't get enough of Oh Land! I try to listen to other music, but everything just sounds meh.. after I've listened to her.
My favorite song changes every day though. Yesterday it was Wolf & I, today it is Rainbow, though I'm leaning more towards Perfection now.. So here is just a list of everything :)

I love these live versions with all the balloons!

And White Nights just stays an all time favorite!

And to think I didn't even know her before saturday! I love her so much now..
I love that she shares so much too! Right after her concert in Amsterdam she twittered about it, and everything shows up at her beautiful website. Seriously everything.

From her Oh Land Wonderland (for the movie of Sun of a Gun I think).. her suitcase explosions :)

I also learned something very interesting about her on her website: she used to be a professional ballet dancer. Later on I listened to an interview with her (which you can find here) where she explains more about that. Her parents are both musicians (her father an organist and her mother an opera singer) and she didn't want to become a musician because it was what everyone expected from her and she became a ballet dancer. She danced at the Danish Royal Ballet Academy until she got a serious back injury when she was eighteen. She was told she could never dance again. Her song Break the Chain seems to deal with the period after that. When she couldn't dance anymore, she discovered her true passion for music and started to write songs. First as a diary but when her friends encouraged her she got serious about it and I'm so glad she did :)

This is a really good live version of Break the Chain..

...and this is the trash can version :P how cool is that!

She is still an amazing dancer though. You can see her dancing in all her live videos. She's really energetic and she has a very personal style. She seems very true to herself and I love that about her :)

I've finally downloaded her first CD, Fauna, too. I can't find the actual CD anywhere, but it is available on iTunes :) I still really like Heavy Eyes (with the "Like a Cheetah" part).
I could go rambling on for hours about how amazing Oh Land is, but I think it's better if you just go listen for yourself! I know I'll have her CD on repeat for the next few days :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tree beds

Today when working on the final powerpoint for Environmental Biology I came across a picture of a tree bed. I was immediately in love..
This was the one. It is designed and made by Shawn Lovell. I particularly like the little nest!

Unfortunately though, it is sold at 15,000 dollar.. Not a price that would fit my budget..

When I got home I couldn't wait to search for more (and less expensive) treebeds. I didn't find many others though and most of them weren't listed with a selling price.. But they're pretty nonetheless!

 This one is the most realistic one I found. And there's a pretty desk to go with it!

And I found this one on Etsy! It is so beautiful.. You can imagine my disappointment when I saw it was listed at almost 13,000 dollar/10.000 euro..

So the best solution seems to just get the trees on your walls :) This looks so lovely and peaceful..

Or you could hang your bed in the trees! Not a good idea for sleepwalkers though.. ;)

When I couldn't find any more treebeds I searched a bit for things to go with it, just in case I can ever get my hands on one :)
I would definitely get this duvet cover, though I would like it better if the background was green.

And these pretty owl pillows to liven things up a bit :)

And for the book I would read in my tree bed I don't have to think hard. It would definitely be the Penguin clothbound version of Wuthering Heights!

And when I'd have enough of reading, I would get out into the real nature with this little book. It's full of ideas for things to do outside, for every time of the year!

Well, I'm off to daydream some more about treebeds.. :)
Please share your recurring daydreams or top-of-the-wishlist items!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The painted shoes :)

Hey everyone, just a quick post to show you my pretty painted all stars! I got them for my birthday two weeks ago and yesterday I finally had the time and inspiration to work on them :)
I immediatly knew what I wanted to do with them: some green grasslike planty stuff at the bottom, a bit of blue starry sky, and to honour the design of Keri Dodge I wanted some pretty deer :)

So this is how they turned out! They turned out way better then I expected, because I quickly learned that the best instruments to apply paint to a shoe are cocktail sticks and fingers :) In the end I just smeared greenish paint all over them, just to make them look less new. All stars shouldn't look new. It just isn't right.

They look pretty smudgy, don't they!

I made some hearts on the back too, to make them a bit more cute :)

 So this is one of the deer..

..and here he is with his friend!

Hurray for fake mud!

I'm so happy with them! I especially picked my clothes to go with my shoes today, hoping to get some oohs and ahs, but I forgot I was spending the day with an almost all boy group.. Well, maybe I'll get more appreciation next week :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Like a Cheetah

Today was the first time I went to a concert without really knowing the performers.
I had accused my boyfriend a few times of having no music taste at all, so (I think to please me) he went through the lists of performing bands in Amsterdam for May and July and sent me links to his top 10 and I selected two:
Oh Land and Devotchka, though I thought Devotchka was a bit too tranquil.

So today my perfect boyfriend took me to Oh Land :) It was the coolest concert I have ever been to.

Oh Land is the stagename of the Danish Nanna ├śland Fabricius and also the coolest person I've ever met.
She completely owned that stage. Her songs have pretty heavy beats and have so much energy!
She song I got to know her with was Sun of a Gun:

In the video you can also see how she dances. It really illustrates the music. She moves to the beat like she's made to do so. This does make it harder to shoot a decent picture of her, but nonetheless I've got some pretty good ones :)

In most of her songs she was beating this stick agains a thing and it made a cool sound. I have no idea what it is though..

With the first songs she wore this crazy large Indian headdress :)

And she wore a pretty (and pretty see-through) gold dress

The special effects were amazing! Every song had it's own background projection. On balloons! How cool is that!
This one was for the song Wolf & I, which you can find here. The video has a lot of balloons in it too :)

When she took of her headdress she revealed her long blonde hair..

...and her eyeliner art :)

She is just awesome :)

But I had no idea the best part came after the show! At first I was really disappointed that she wasn't there selling CD's, but she totally made up for that when she came in from backstage. She talked to everyone who wanted to talk to her (and I definitely wanted to!) and she seemed like such a sweet and cool person.. She explained they weren't selling CD's because it hadn't been released yet in the Netherlands (hurray for amazon!) and.. she loved my CatBag!
She even got promotion material for when I'm going to sell it (which I have to now, because she said she wants one) because she immediately agreed to go on a picture with it!

I love her even more now :)
Another fun incident was that my boyfriend seemed to have almost more fun then me!

Just look at his yay-face!

I hope you're having a great weekend as well! Though I doubt anything can top this.. :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

The CatBag

I forgot to share the pictures last time, but I've finally finished the amazing CatBag! I know I haven't mentioned it before, but it was a really long ongoing project of my mother and me. I started with drawings of the design more then a year ago.. I'm such a procrastinator..
But once we started on actually making it (I still don't trust myself with fabric and scissors) it got along quite quickly!
So without further ado, here are the pictures :)

Gaah! It's so cute!

I actually thought about making some intestines to go in here, but I think it might have reduced the cuteness a little too much..

It's a big scary world out there..

I'm so happy that it's finally finished! Now I just need a good excuse to show it off somewhere ;)

If you are working on something you love, please share! I'd love to see!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A gloomy but cheerful day

Todays gloomy gray weather sucked me right back into a small winter depression. Luckily, there are always things to cheer me up :) The first thing was cheese fondue! I love cheese, I love melted cheese even more, so I go absolutely crazy over large quantities of melted cheese :)
I didn't take any pictures of my own fondue because it was all gone too quickly, but I found this cute picture! This sweet heart shaped bowl actually contains brie cheese fondue, for which the recipe can be found here. I don't know if it is any good though, but it looks yummy!

Besides cheese, something that always cheers me up is the comics by Natalie Dee. I think everyone has come across them some time or another. A few years back I followed them daily and today I read through the archives since january just to put a smile back on my face :) They're just so wonderfully random!

This one is my absolute favorite!

And they've got t-shirts! They had t-shirts of the walrus life cycle one, but they don't sell those anymore :(
But they've got other cool ones!

I hope you have a cheerful day too!

Monday, May 16, 2011


I never wanted to really become a fan of Etsy because I thought you could never really find what you want in all the stuff that is sold there. But I was wrong. You can find everything you could ever dream of and much much more.
I've literally been stuck on Etsy for the last two days, only tearing myself from my computer for basic necessities and school. Just because I keep finding more and more and more..

To not have you stuck on this post for the next two hours, I'll just share the best of the best :)

First of all, I'm in love with everything from boygirlparty, especially this pretty journal with owls and squirrels.

It's just so pretty and spring-like!

And best of all, all the pages are coloured with one of these four designs!

I can never get enough of fairytales and thelittlefox would supply every need I have for them..

This painting of Alice at the Tea Party is just so pretty!

Some of her prints are made in to lovely necklaces, like this one of Little Red Riding Hood

More pretty fairytale-like things can be found in the shop of theblackapple. I perticularly liked this print of The Generous Rabbit.

And I'll finish up with one more bunny, but this time on a Cake is Great plate.

Oh bunny, I couldn't agree with you more :)

Well, I'm off to find even more cute stuff.. I'll post my best finds again tomorrow!
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