Friday, December 7, 2012

Garden visitors

Since the snow came last tuesday we've had a lot of birds visit our feeder in the backyard. I have a perfect view of all the little (and larger) visitors from the living room window, and I just love hanging on the couch, watching the tiny blue tits, the slightly larger great tits, the (in comparison) enormous wood pidgeons, the squabbling starlings, the occasional robin, and even -as I was just staring absentmindedly out of the window- a great spotted woodpecker!

These little balls of energy and feathers move so fast I only got two good shots out of fourteen!

Contemplating pidgeon...

There's some bread on the table, but apparently quite a bit of snow to plow through before getting there!

With the ruffled feathers, I think this one's a juvenile. It disappeared as soon as the other pidgeon flew away too.

A starling sitting quietly by itself for once.

And this beautiful bird! I think I might have gasped when I saw him...

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