Sunday, September 11, 2011

Galaxy nails

I've been wanting to do a nailpolish post for a while now, but (being a pretty huge procrastinator) my nailpolish was already chipped by the time I got round to making some pictures. But it's finally here! This is my take on the galaxy nails by Caitlin I came across a few days ago :)

I think they turned out pretty well! And it's really easy to do. I just used a very dark purple as the base coat and dabbed some green, lightblue and silver on it with a piece of cloth. Add some glitter and you have the whole galaxy on your fingertips!

As you might have noticed, my fingers are pretty long. Some people think they're creepy, especially when I do things like this:

But it's always nice to have a coversation starter :)


Let It Be Raw said...

Space nails! Your fingers scare me though.

Caitlin said...

Your nails look great! Thanks for linking me :) I can actually do that with my fingers too, haha my boyfriend gets creeped out!!

You have a lovely blog!

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