Sunday, September 4, 2011

A little bit of red

Here's a little list of of lovely little things with a little bit of red :)

A bird cage wall decal to brighten up a plain wall :) 

A set of pretty little pillow cases with birds. These would look so good.. well.. anywhere!

An unusual bookmark for the stranger kind of books...

I don't wear rings because I always think they look weird on me, but I think this one might suit me!

A lovely print about living in the forest.

These are listed as espresso cups, but since I don't drink coffee I'm pretty sure they'll hold my tea as well :)

 I really really love these earrings! I love fairytales, I really like red riding hood and wolves and the paintings are originals!

I hope you enjoyed my little list :) It makes me wish I could buy something though... :P

1 comment:

Let It Be Raw said...

I definitely enjoyed it!

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