Friday, September 23, 2011

Risotto recipe

I can't believe it's been more than a week since my last post! I do feel a bit swamped at the moment though... Lost of reading to do and my mother just had surgery on her foot so. It's nothing life-threatening, but she can't walk further than the bathroom for a while... Which means I have to do most of the cooking! (My dad can only make things that start with a p: pasta, pizza, pancakes and potatoes :P) I don't really mind though, because I can make anything I want now :)

Yesterday I made a mushroom risotto inspired by a recipe I found in the newspaper which was by Edwin Florès. I changed a lot of things though and it was delicious :)

This is what you'll need for three persons:

  • 1 onion
  • olive oil
  • 300 g arborio rice
  • a dash of white wine
  • 400 g assorted mushrooms (I used a mix of oyster mushrooms, chanterelles, common mushrooms and some other things I don't know the names of but tasted very good)
  • 1 l mushroom stock
  • 2 spoons of crème fraîche
  • 200 ml cream
  • 50 g parmesan cheese
  • A few leaves of fresh basil
What to do:
  • Heat the olive oil in a large pan and chop the onion
  • Fry the onion and add the rice
  • Stir until the ricebecomes transparent
  • Add the wine and a ladle of stock
  • Fry the mushrooms in another pan with a few spoons of olive oil
  • Keep adding stock to the rice until you've added about half of it
  • Add half the mushrooms to the risotto
  • Add more stock until the risotto is done, but not mushy
  • Stir the crème fraîche and the cream through the risotto and let it cook a few more minutes
  • Divide the risotto and the rest of the mushrooms between three plates
  • And serve with some grated parmesan and fresh basil

I promise you it'll taste good!

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