Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A lot

You know those times when nothing much is going on, and then suddenly everything seems to happen at once?
Well, I do. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty boring, with just school stuff. Then Thursday I went to Artis, the Zoo in Amsterdam (get ready for lots and lots of cute baby animal pictures!), Friday was my last day of school for my second year (woohoo!) and I was told for the first time that my presentation was the best one (okay, so there were only three other groups, but still! I really detest public speaking, so this is quite a victory for me!). Saturday I went to a circus themed party and I got my boyfriend to dance with me (another pretty big victory) and Sunday I went to an opera and yesterday I started on two new notebooks.
So now it's picture time :)

I just had to take a picture of this owl slide to share :) I used to play in this when I was little, but now I probably won't even fit through the hole anymore :P

I had no idea elephants could look fragile, but this little baby does! Her name is Mumba and she was only twelve days old when I saw her! You can watch her birth and first steps here. It's not that gross, but the elephants are screaming all the time, so you might want to turn the sound off...

I think turtletongues are pretty gross but also quite intriguing... They're just so large...

Seriously, what is better then a miniature lemur? I can't think of anything...

Well, maybe a yawning teethless baby lemur... :)

I don't now what it is, but this picure is really funny to me :)

The red ruffed lemurs in Artis are on an island, where you can get really close to them! Though this also makes it very difficult for me not to pet them... 

Just look at those tiny fingernails! And the tip of his tongue that is poking out :)

The little one was in sunbathing position right before I took this picture, but he fell over... Poor little thing :)

It was also the first time in six years that a lion cub had been born! It kept making these cute mewing noises when his mother got too far away :)

And a baby sea lion! I guess it was really tired though, it was just lying there all the time...

His family was really enjoying themselves though!

The male loves to swim really close to the glass with this smug look in his face :)

I really love the elegance of these creatures. Double backwards summersoult? No problem!

You can just see the little head of the baby gorilla on the right arm of his mother :)

And last but not least: a tiny peacock!

I hope you aren't too dazzled by this picture overload :) I'll be back soon with some pictures of my new notebooks!

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