Saturday, July 9, 2011


As promised, pictures of the new notebook I made! I actually made two, but when I finished the last one it was too dark to take pictures. This one is for my friend from school :)

I though I'd do some in progress pictures too, so you can all see of what high quality my notebooks are ;)

This some pretty paper I used. It is designed by Sukie.

This is how the inside looks without the cover.

And this is how I make the cover :)

The outlines for on the cover.

 I made a kind of Little Red Riding Hood, but this one likes to climb trees :)

 And an owl of course. Nothing is complete without an owl.

And here's Little Red with her wolf.

 And everything in colour!

I decided stars do make everything prettier.

So that's it! I hope you like it and I really hope my friend likes it :) The glue is still drying now, so I have to wait till tomorrow to see if everything went well...

This might be my last post in a while by the way! I'm leaving for Rome on Monday morning, after which I'm off to Venice and Berlin. I'm so looking forward to the warm weather, and icecream and pizza... And the weekend I'm in Venice, there's a festival going on! There's supposed to be lots of fireworks and gondola races and lots of other exciting things going on! I'll be sure to share all my adventures here :)
If you're going away on a holiday too, I wish you lots of fun! And if you're staying I hereby allow you to have fun as well ;)

1 comment:

CupKay said...

this totally makes me want to make my own journals, love love love them. Great job lil lady! Keep on keepin' on!


P.S- Thank you for your sweet comment, made me smile :)

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