Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I'm such a procrastinator... I still haven't gotten round to wiggling my memorycard out of the other laptop... But I do have something important to tell you! My absolute favorite comicdrawer (is that a word?), Madeleine Flores from Little Love Monster, has an awesome kickstarter project. She wants to circumnavigate the world and write a comic about it!

Here are some comics by her to show you how cool she is! (Just click to see them larger!)

I think she is a great person with an amazing creative mind and she really deserves to go and do this! All her experiences will be bound together in a book, which you'll get a signed copy off if you pledge $50 or more!
If I could I would donate all the money she needs, but as I'm a pretty poor student she'll need your help too...
You can read more about her project and the cool rewards you get here! Please support this amazing person :)

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