Friday, June 10, 2011

Beautiful games: Amanita Design

I've been game addicted ever since I found out computers could also do these fun things. I've had periods where I downloaden five trials a day and played them all. Now I've stopped wasting my time so much and I only play games I really like. Some of these are time management games, because you don't have to think at all while playing (I play these in between studying sessions) but the ones I really like are mostly point and click/adventure/puzzle games. This will be the first post in a series :)

I played Samorost a few years ago and loved it. It all fits together so perfectly! The beautiful environments, the characters, the music.. It's a real adventure to play and the only downside is that it's too short :) Luckily there's a second part!

A few months ago I stumbles across the demo of Machinarium. It's made by the same studio as Samorost. You play as a robot who has been exiled to the scrap heap. You have to get him back to the city to save his robot girlfriend. Once again, this is a beautiful game by Amanita Design. I really wish I had the collectors edition, which comes with the soundtrack on CD and concept art :)

Ever since this game I've been hooked to Amanita Design. The crew consists of eight guys from the Czech Republic.
I wonder why there's one missing...

They don't only design games, but they've also made this lovely music video for the Danish band Under Byen.

They have some other games, which you can all play here. I really recommend doing so :) They also made a book, which you can download as a pdf file!

Looks pretty cute, doesn't it!

I hope you enjoy playing some of their beautiful games :)

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