Thursday, June 23, 2011

I've got a Book and a Bag

But not just any Book and Bag...
You might remember the post I did a while ago about some lovely bird themed items I found on etsy. Well, I own one of those things now!
I have a Chewy the Owl bag!

I'm so in love with it I had to admire it a few days before sharing :) okay, okay, probably more like a week... But just look at it and you'll understand :)

Today was the first opportunity to take my gorgeous bag to school (I'm finally not feeling blegh anymore) and show it to my friends. Well, I think the first biologist who doesn't like animal shaped bags has yet to be born :)
The only downside to this bag is that I have to yawn every time I look at it... But no way that's going to stop me from wearing it!

And for the Book part... I couldn't wish for a more perfect notebook to accompany this bag. And you always know you can expect something good when you get a package like this:

Inside was the Clear Skies journal from boygirlparty! It isn't for sale in the etsy shop now, but you can still buy it here.

The inside pages have four different designs, for all the seasons. For some strange reason I forgot to take a picture of summer though... I really really hope this isn't some kind of omen...

I actually got it in the mail a few weeks before the bag, but I had to stop myself from posting it, because they are both gifts from my aunt and uncle. So (though they'll probably never read this): Thank you so much!

Now I just have to think what is worthy enough to be written in such a pretty notebook...
Any ideas?

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