Monday, June 6, 2011

Two day holiday!

The two days my boyfriend planned for us were amazing! We did so many things, though we didn't even have time enough to do all the things he planned. I'll just go through everything chronologically :)

At first he didn't want to tell me at all what we were going to do, but I can't stand not knowing where I'm going. So when I started to look really freaked out, he told me we were going to Burgers' Zoo! That totally eased my mind, because I love looking at animals! I have a subscription to Artis, the zoo in Amsterdam, but since it's in the middle of the city, it's quite small. Burgers' Zoo was huge, with different areas for different parts of the world and an enormous aquarium. We were supposed to spent only two hours there, but when we left, almost five hours had passed! In which I managed to take 184 pictures.. So here is a very very small selection of them!

As I mentioned before, I really like penguins! They can be so silly sometimes...

A pygmy hippopotamus! The only other time I had the chance to see these amazing creatures was in the zoo of Berlin. This one had a much nicer living space though.

Meerkats are definitely on my list of favorite animals. Partly because they so stubbornly keep watch in a zoo, but mostly because they look so cute :) 

This picture doesn't look like much, but it took me at least ten minutes to get one this good. This jackal was running around like crazy through it's enclosure, taking different turns every time and someone next to me with a really expensive looking camera was trying to take a picture of it. I take a challenge when I see one and the guy next to me drooped off after five minutes looking really disappointed, so I'm quite proud of this one!

This is a Malayan sun bear, also known as the Honey bear. It is the smallest bear species and it has inwards-turned feet, which help him climb better, so he can reach his favorite food.. honey :)

This one honoured his name by thoroughly enjoying the sun :)

This bird, and the one below, were in the Mangrove area of the zoo. I have no idea what they're called though.

But they're pretty birds :)

This was seriously the only decent picture I shot at the aquarium. The fish is pretty awesome though.

But nowhere near as awesome as this one! A stingray with a nose! Who would've thought of that...

If you click to enlarge this picture you can probably see the cute owls a bit better! I was so disappointed that exactly these animals had to be behind a huge fence...

I had absolutely no trouble photographing this bird however! It seemed to love cameras! This is a Lesser Roadrunner by the way. It's a member of the cuckoo family.

And to finish off, just one more penguin! He was waving us goodbye with his tail :)

I'll post the rest of our adventures soon, but now I have to cram 150 plant names into my head.. Dutch and Latin.. Wish me luck! Seriously, I need it...

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