Thursday, June 16, 2011

Total(ly invisible) eclipse

Yesterday, my parents and I drove out to a high point to watch the lunar eclipse that was going on.

It was supposed to look something like this
{Photograph by Harry Kikstra of ExposedPlanet, a really beautiful photoblog!} 

or like this.

But instead it looked like this

Stupid Dutch clouds... I was really excited about this! Well, at least the next one isn't so far away... Only four years to wait! And I shot some nice pictures of the sunset :)

On top of my disappointment, the stupid clouds decided to turn into rain today, while I had to spent the whole day outside to count plants. (You may ask me why someone would bother to do that, but you'd better be prepared for a long and boring response)
So I'm feeling a bit pitiable today...
But I've got some good news too! A friend from my class asked me to make two notebooks for her! My very first buyer! Yay :)

I hope it isn't raining where you live :)

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