Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A day outside

Today had a lot of cycling in store for me!
I'm a Biology student, and I'm currently following a subject called Fieldwork Environmental Biology, which comes down to my group and I spending almost the whole day outside, scooping up little insects, larvae and other wriggling critters in our homemade net and counting everything we find.

Our net has some interesting features, including tutu-like fringes, lots of sharp wire ends and a heavily duct-taped handle. It survived contact with water nonetheless :)

Though the sun was shining, it was a rather chilly day today. We spent most of the time in open fields and it was pretty windy there. I did have a chance to take some pictures of the Dutch rural landschape though :)

I still love how blue Dutch skies can be :)

We actually found an interesting creature:

You can't see it very well, but it is the larva of a caddisfly. I think it is a really special creature, because it makes a case out of silk and pieces of twig, wood, rock and sand (in this case a piece of wood with a larger twig attached to it) to protect and camouflage itself.
I hope to find even more interesting creatures tomorrow!

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