Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A gloomy but cheerful day

Todays gloomy gray weather sucked me right back into a small winter depression. Luckily, there are always things to cheer me up :) The first thing was cheese fondue! I love cheese, I love melted cheese even more, so I go absolutely crazy over large quantities of melted cheese :)
I didn't take any pictures of my own fondue because it was all gone too quickly, but I found this cute picture! This sweet heart shaped bowl actually contains brie cheese fondue, for which the recipe can be found here. I don't know if it is any good though, but it looks yummy!

Besides cheese, something that always cheers me up is the comics by Natalie Dee. I think everyone has come across them some time or another. A few years back I followed them daily and today I read through the archives since january just to put a smile back on my face :) They're just so wonderfully random!

This one is my absolute favorite!

And they've got t-shirts! They had t-shirts of the walrus life cycle one, but they don't sell those anymore :(
But they've got other cool ones!

I hope you have a cheerful day too!

1 comment:

CupKay said...

What a cute blog! I tried cheese fondue for the first time a few months ago and I instantly fell in love. I'd have to say though... I think the chocolate fondue trumps it, but then again I'd choose chocolate over basically everything.

also, those cat comics were hilarious hahah, thank you for sending me them! :)


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