Sunday, May 22, 2011

Like a Cheetah

Today was the first time I went to a concert without really knowing the performers.
I had accused my boyfriend a few times of having no music taste at all, so (I think to please me) he went through the lists of performing bands in Amsterdam for May and July and sent me links to his top 10 and I selected two:
Oh Land and Devotchka, though I thought Devotchka was a bit too tranquil.

So today my perfect boyfriend took me to Oh Land :) It was the coolest concert I have ever been to.

Oh Land is the stagename of the Danish Nanna ├śland Fabricius and also the coolest person I've ever met.
She completely owned that stage. Her songs have pretty heavy beats and have so much energy!
She song I got to know her with was Sun of a Gun:

In the video you can also see how she dances. It really illustrates the music. She moves to the beat like she's made to do so. This does make it harder to shoot a decent picture of her, but nonetheless I've got some pretty good ones :)

In most of her songs she was beating this stick agains a thing and it made a cool sound. I have no idea what it is though..

With the first songs she wore this crazy large Indian headdress :)

And she wore a pretty (and pretty see-through) gold dress

The special effects were amazing! Every song had it's own background projection. On balloons! How cool is that!
This one was for the song Wolf & I, which you can find here. The video has a lot of balloons in it too :)

When she took of her headdress she revealed her long blonde hair..

...and her eyeliner art :)

She is just awesome :)

But I had no idea the best part came after the show! At first I was really disappointed that she wasn't there selling CD's, but she totally made up for that when she came in from backstage. She talked to everyone who wanted to talk to her (and I definitely wanted to!) and she seemed like such a sweet and cool person.. She explained they weren't selling CD's because it hadn't been released yet in the Netherlands (hurray for amazon!) and.. she loved my CatBag!
She even got promotion material for when I'm going to sell it (which I have to now, because she said she wants one) because she immediately agreed to go on a picture with it!

I love her even more now :)
Another fun incident was that my boyfriend seemed to have almost more fun then me!

Just look at his yay-face!

I hope you're having a great weekend as well! Though I doubt anything can top this.. :)

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