Sunday, May 15, 2011

Love and Sunshine

As promised, the Lenka post!

Lenka is origianlly from Australia, but moved to America a few years back. During her time adjusting in America she made this sweet song called Roll with the Punches.
Her music is wonderfully cheerful and most of the songs are about being in love and other happy things, like sunshine :)
Seeing het being happy while singing made me so happy too! After about 45 minutes she said they were done and I thought No! Please keep going on, I want to stay in this happy vibe! and luckily they gave two more encore numbers :)

The movies to her music are also very pretty.

This one made me think of Alice in Wonderland :)

There is another movie to go with this song, which is made by Lenka herself and James Gulliver Hancock, who I believe she is now married to. Her website states she was engaged to him and during the concert she got her audience to promise not to tell her husband about her being in love with Amsterdam :)

Her new single is called Heart Skips a Beat and has a really cute and slightly creepy movie to go with it.

Look at the dancing stethoscopes at the end!

And this is one of my new favorite songs by her! And it goes really well with the AlloftheAnimals theme :)

After the show she signed my ticket, my new CD Two and my gorgeous new Lenka-bag! It has an owl on it!

Unfortunately I was stupid enough to drop mushy carrot pieces on it.. We were eating falafel and I absolutely love the carrots they serve with them, so I stacked my pita with them and I was so protective of my pretty new bag that I had to have it on my lap, and then.. mushy orange carrot stains :(
And I can't wash it because Lenka's signature might come off! But you don't see it that much anyways and I would have dropped something on it eventually, so I guess it's just broken in now :)

If you live in America or Switzerland you should definitely check her tour dates! You will not regret it!

And look at her all happy signing stuff!

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