Thursday, May 26, 2011

Only you are on my Rainbow/iPod

I just can't get enough of Oh Land! I try to listen to other music, but everything just sounds meh.. after I've listened to her.
My favorite song changes every day though. Yesterday it was Wolf & I, today it is Rainbow, though I'm leaning more towards Perfection now.. So here is just a list of everything :)

I love these live versions with all the balloons!

And White Nights just stays an all time favorite!

And to think I didn't even know her before saturday! I love her so much now..
I love that she shares so much too! Right after her concert in Amsterdam she twittered about it, and everything shows up at her beautiful website. Seriously everything.

From her Oh Land Wonderland (for the movie of Sun of a Gun I think).. her suitcase explosions :)

I also learned something very interesting about her on her website: she used to be a professional ballet dancer. Later on I listened to an interview with her (which you can find here) where she explains more about that. Her parents are both musicians (her father an organist and her mother an opera singer) and she didn't want to become a musician because it was what everyone expected from her and she became a ballet dancer. She danced at the Danish Royal Ballet Academy until she got a serious back injury when she was eighteen. She was told she could never dance again. Her song Break the Chain seems to deal with the period after that. When she couldn't dance anymore, she discovered her true passion for music and started to write songs. First as a diary but when her friends encouraged her she got serious about it and I'm so glad she did :)

This is a really good live version of Break the Chain..

...and this is the trash can version :P how cool is that!

She is still an amazing dancer though. You can see her dancing in all her live videos. She's really energetic and she has a very personal style. She seems very true to herself and I love that about her :)

I've finally downloaded her first CD, Fauna, too. I can't find the actual CD anywhere, but it is available on iTunes :) I still really like Heavy Eyes (with the "Like a Cheetah" part).
I could go rambling on for hours about how amazing Oh Land is, but I think it's better if you just go listen for yourself! I know I'll have her CD on repeat for the next few days :)

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Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Haha! Ik dacht dat je het als "Olend" zou schrijven haha. Nee, deze ken ik wel!

Je blog ziet er leuk uit trouwens:D

De follower-balk is weer eens weg, maar zodra die er weer is wordt ik er natuurlijk 1 ;)

Was leuk vandaag!

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