Sunday, May 8, 2011

Interpretative Dance

I don't watch a lot of tv, but when I do, I like to watch BBC. My favorite programmes are:

  • Great British Menu: Professional chefs compete for a place to cook at the People's Banquet. The winners (one for every region) will present their dish at a "magnificent street party" and get to bring their own special guest.
    I don't know how this is with cookingshows in other countries, but in the Dutch ones it is not unlikely to hear a judge say something like "My god, this is disgusting". What I like most about the british ones is that the competitors and judges are nice to eachother.

  • Eggheads: A team of five challenges the "Eggheads", a team of incredible know-alls. There is this one little lady, called Daphne, who is 72 years old and says, with her lovely british accent, things like "Well.. I'm not sure about this Jeremy, but I think the answer is.." and when she's right (which she always is) she giggles a little and looks extremely pleased with herself.

  • Fast and Loose: This is my favorite programme ever. Seriously everything everyone says is funny. But my favorite part of the show is Interpretative Dancing. Two members of the fast and loose people have to wear headphones, while David Armand depicts the lyrics of a popular song. When the song is over, the two with the headphones have to guess which song he was depicting..
    My favorite one was of Hit me baby one more time:

Unfortunately, there haven't been any new episodes since March and I have no idea if they're ever coming back.. To ease the pain however, there are 7 more interpretative dances.. :)
In order from hilarious to seriously funny:


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