Monday, May 16, 2011


I never wanted to really become a fan of Etsy because I thought you could never really find what you want in all the stuff that is sold there. But I was wrong. You can find everything you could ever dream of and much much more.
I've literally been stuck on Etsy for the last two days, only tearing myself from my computer for basic necessities and school. Just because I keep finding more and more and more..

To not have you stuck on this post for the next two hours, I'll just share the best of the best :)

First of all, I'm in love with everything from boygirlparty, especially this pretty journal with owls and squirrels.

It's just so pretty and spring-like!

And best of all, all the pages are coloured with one of these four designs!

I can never get enough of fairytales and thelittlefox would supply every need I have for them..

This painting of Alice at the Tea Party is just so pretty!

Some of her prints are made in to lovely necklaces, like this one of Little Red Riding Hood

More pretty fairytale-like things can be found in the shop of theblackapple. I perticularly liked this print of The Generous Rabbit.

And I'll finish up with one more bunny, but this time on a Cake is Great plate.

Oh bunny, I couldn't agree with you more :)

Well, I'm off to find even more cute stuff.. I'll post my best finds again tomorrow!

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