Monday, May 23, 2011

The painted shoes :)

Hey everyone, just a quick post to show you my pretty painted all stars! I got them for my birthday two weeks ago and yesterday I finally had the time and inspiration to work on them :)
I immediatly knew what I wanted to do with them: some green grasslike planty stuff at the bottom, a bit of blue starry sky, and to honour the design of Keri Dodge I wanted some pretty deer :)

So this is how they turned out! They turned out way better then I expected, because I quickly learned that the best instruments to apply paint to a shoe are cocktail sticks and fingers :) In the end I just smeared greenish paint all over them, just to make them look less new. All stars shouldn't look new. It just isn't right.

They look pretty smudgy, don't they!

I made some hearts on the back too, to make them a bit more cute :)

 So this is one of the deer..

..and here he is with his friend!

Hurray for fake mud!

I'm so happy with them! I especially picked my clothes to go with my shoes today, hoping to get some oohs and ahs, but I forgot I was spending the day with an almost all boy group.. Well, maybe I'll get more appreciation next week :)

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