Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Yesterday was my birthday! My mother woke me up half an hour earlier so I could unwrap my presents. I was so immensely spoiled with gifts I seriously needed the time!
These are some of the gifts I got:

Going clockwise from top-left:

  • A stack of lovely books, including a beautiful picture book with the story of Snowwhite, illustrated by Benjamin Lacombe, the hardcover collectors edition of the Kick Ass comics, a translation of Ovid's Metamorphoses and the beautiful clothbound Lyra's Oxford, with short tales about the characters from the Dark Materials trilogy.
  • Kick Ass again :)
  • A pretty dress with flowers from Mango
  • All Stars! Ever since I saw these I wanted a pair to paint for myself :)
  • Lyra's Oxford again. There's actually another book with short tales, called Once Upon a Time in the North
  • An awesome package to make your own notebooks! It includes premade cardboard covers, paper, glue, a brush and all the other stuff you need to get started :)
  • The CD+DVD of Live in London by Regina Spektor. She was in the Netherlands two years ago and I still regret that I wasn't there!
  • Metamorphoses again! This book has a picture of the famous statue of Apollo and Daphne by Bernini on the front cover
  • Blanche Neige again. It is such a beautiful book! I've leafed through it numerous times, just gazing at the pictures because I really nead a French dictionary to read it..
    My favorite picture is of the scene in which Snowwhite is alone in the woods for the first time and is scared by the animals.

I also had this delicious chocolatecake with chocolatetruffle with chocolate and cocoa.

All in all I had a lovely quiet, present-filled day, even though I ate myself nauseous on chocolate cake :)

I almost forgot to mention, I got the best pre-birthday gift from my boyfriend. We went to the concert of Lenka in Paradiso! I will make a post about it soon! :)


Veiga said...

I am charmed with your blog -
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Dewi said...

Thank you! I will definitely read your blog. It looks really cool. I'll just run all the portugese through google translate ;) Portugal is indeed a beautiful country.

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