Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tree beds

Today when working on the final powerpoint for Environmental Biology I came across a picture of a tree bed. I was immediately in love..
This was the one. It is designed and made by Shawn Lovell. I particularly like the little nest!

Unfortunately though, it is sold at 15,000 dollar.. Not a price that would fit my budget..

When I got home I couldn't wait to search for more (and less expensive) treebeds. I didn't find many others though and most of them weren't listed with a selling price.. But they're pretty nonetheless!

 This one is the most realistic one I found. And there's a pretty desk to go with it!

And I found this one on Etsy! It is so beautiful.. You can imagine my disappointment when I saw it was listed at almost 13,000 dollar/10.000 euro..

So the best solution seems to just get the trees on your walls :) This looks so lovely and peaceful..

Or you could hang your bed in the trees! Not a good idea for sleepwalkers though.. ;)

When I couldn't find any more treebeds I searched a bit for things to go with it, just in case I can ever get my hands on one :)
I would definitely get this duvet cover, though I would like it better if the background was green.

And these pretty owl pillows to liven things up a bit :)

And for the book I would read in my tree bed I don't have to think hard. It would definitely be the Penguin clothbound version of Wuthering Heights!

And when I'd have enough of reading, I would get out into the real nature with this little book. It's full of ideas for things to do outside, for every time of the year!

Well, I'm off to daydream some more about treebeds.. :)
Please share your recurring daydreams or top-of-the-wishlist items!

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